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What is employee outsourcing?

The term employee outsourcing means assigning certain functions, tasks and activities in a designated area to an external company for execution.

Employee outsourcing works best in terms of streamlining processes, optimising operating costs and maintaining low employee retention.

Benefits of employee leasing

Contributes to relieving companies of the burden of managing employees and payroll, allowing clients to concentrate even more on their own processes in which they specialise and thus increase productivity.

Cost optimisation

Full access to resources

Qualified staff and specialist personnel.

Reduced responsibility

We are fully responsible for the area entrusted to us and our people. In particular in terms of any inspections, documentation and security.

Time saving

The entire process of recruitment and acquisition of specialists is on our side.

Proven solutions

You benefit from the outsourcer’s long-standing experience in recruitment and payroll and HR services.

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    Why QSense employee outsourcing?  


    At our company, we make sure that our personnel are properly prepared for a wide range of activities at the client’s facility. Our extensive training system is prepared in such a way that each employee has the opportunity to become thoroughly acquainted with all the details of the work of a given position. We also use modern QLearn technology – including virtual reality – to train our staff, so that we are able to train our employees faster and more effectively.  

    QSense employee outsourcing is a team perfectly prepared for the tasks at your company.  

    Flexible offer  

    Employee outsourcing on specific days? With QSense it is possible! In line with our motto “Exceeds Your Needs”, we go out of our way to meet our customers’ needs and offer flexible employee leasing solutions. Thanks to our wide range of human resources, we are able to set even the most non-standard work schedule. 

    A wide range of services  

    We specialize in quality control, production processes and logistics. We are able to support our partners in many areas. 


    The best proof of the high quality of QSense’s employee outsourcing services are the testimonials of our partners. We have won the trust of such brands as GESTAMP, ZF, VITRO, BASF and WABCO, among others.  

    QSense employee outsourcing is a qualitative solution to your manufacturing plant’s HR problems! 

    Employee outsourcing with real-time reporting! 

    Meet QWall, the latest technological solution for your manufacturing plant. Our proprietary information system allows you to monitor quality control activities in real time. All product statistics are collected in real time and displayed in a user-friendly application.  

    Thanks to the QWall system, our customers can check the technical data of a single component, its images and overall statistics of a selected period at any time. All information is stored in the cloud, which means that our partners can observe the status of inspections from anywhere on earth.