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What is employee outsourcing?

The term employee outsourcing means assigning certain functions, tasks and activities in a designated area to an external company for execution.

Employee outsourcing works best in terms of streamlining processes, optimising operating costs and maintaining low employee retention.

Benefits of employee leasing

Contributes to relieving companies of the burden of managing employees and payroll, allowing clients to concentrate even more on their own processes in which they specialise and thus increase productivity.

Cost optimisation

Full access to resources

Qualified staff and specialist personnel.

Reduced responsibility

We are fully responsible for the area entrusted to us and our people. In particular in terms of any inspections, documentation and security.

Time saving

The entire process of recruitment and acquisition of specialists is on our side.

Proven solutions

You benefit from the outsourcer’s long-standing experience in recruitment and payroll and HR services.

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