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Qualified and diligent workers

We support your company by deploying qualified and diligent workers ready to support each stage of the production process.

We release the human and other capital resources of your company to complete other goals; we ensure access to specialists and seasonal workers without any unnecessary formalities which solves any problems of staff shortages.

As part of employee outsourcing we conduct a recruitment processes, we implement and take care of monthly payroll for any employees who are delegated to work at a client’s site. We provide seasonal workers and permanent staff for positions such as: quality controller, warehouse person, fork-lift truck operator and others.

At QSense we pay special attention in both the recruitment processes and onboarding. We make sure that they are well aware of the process even before they are delegated to perform tasks at client’s site. Employees undergo training on Health and Safety, and induction for their position. It allows for the effective introduction of staff and efficient application of resources from the first day of work.

As a result, our employees:

– are well prepared to performed assigned task,
– are involved and focused on solving problems,
– work effectively, taking care of details,
– have substantive support from QSense at each moment whilst doing their job.

Benefits of outsourcing production:

  • time savings,
  • cost optimization,
  • reduced liability,
  • full access to resources,
  • QSense’s proven solutions.

For companies which experience seasonal increase of orders and greater need for workers, or those who want to release their own resources for other purposes.

Would you like to commission quality control? Are you looking for specialists? Ask and we will answer you as soon as it is possible.


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