One team

We set out a new approach to providing quality support in companies

We are a team of engineers and specialists form different areas of industry who have many years experience in the area of quality control, logistics and lean manufacturing. None of us had ever been satisfied with the services provided by any external companies that operated in this field. This is why we established QSense in 2015 and worked out our own, correct and effective approach to the aspect of quality control.


Over 500 controllers cooperate with us

We have successfully completed over 60 projects with 10 clients that have mainly come from the automotive branch, and also from the electrical and medical fields.




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We are available to you every day

We do our best to quickly recognise your needs, react to problems that occur, so as not to allow them to continue to develop.

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Qsense in an innovative and professional way desires to meet the needs of the most demanding clients in the area of quality control, whilst at the same time becoming a first choice partner for them.

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Our values are: the highest quality of work and continuous development of relationships with our clients. Clients have a real influence on our work. It is thanks to them that we are able to realise our common vision and go in the same direction.

Why us?

Maximum long-term benefits, not short-term solutions.

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Individual approach to each project

Our solutions are tailor made and take into consideration the benefits the client wants to achieve. In each case we offer a comprehensive service; from the source analysis of a problem, the collection of data, to the mapping of issues, implementing solutions and monitoring results. Our services are performed at each level of a production process or at a chosen stage.

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The highest quality of work

The basis for our work constitutes a collection of values and standards of operations worked out over the years. We approach all tasks methodically. Our conclusions are based on data which we gather in a reliable way. We always proceed according to the process. We try to describe and measure every task in order to provide the possibility of monitoring progress and efficiency. We apply the basic 5S methods and the Lean philosophy, with the results of our work always being reported in such a way so as to meet clients' requirements.

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Partnership and cooperation

When entering your company we operate as if we are a part of it. We maintain continuous contact with your employees. We strive to improve communication and tighten cooperation between teams and all departments involved. We believe that it is only in this way that we can provide long-term results from our actions.

Chief Executive Officer

Paweł Olszewski

Uncompromising and always striving to continually improve services and maximise benefits for our clients. He is extremely well-educated in the area of engineering and production management. He obtained his education at Polish universities (West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin) and abroad (Syddansk University in Denmark).

Pawel’s studies in Denmark, in particular, allowed him to gain some practical knowledge in the area of quality management and lean methodology, which he has applied during his career working in various production environments for several years. At that time, acting as the ordering party as well as direct and indirect recipient of quality control services, he confirmed his beliefs that the systems offered in the market do not fully meet a clients’ needs. He wanted to fill this gap and established QSense and has been developing new standards in the area of quality management for several years now.

Chief Operations Officer

Anna Krycka

Effective, confident and very well organised. At QSense we believe that the “Sky is the Limit”.

An economist by education, a humanist by passion and a graduate of an MBA course at the WSB in Wroclaw and Franklin University in Ohio. To QSense she brings a wealth of experience gained in international production companies in the FMCG and automotive industrial branches, in areas such as: purchasing, logistics and production planning. She is interested in issues concerning marketing, effective communication and new technologies.

Quality Manager

Jacek Bola

A true professional in his field, who is always able to find a solution to a problem.

He graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology Faculty of Mechanical and Power Engineering. He has over 10 years experience in the automotive, electric and welding industries. He has worked in both Polish and international companies where he was responsible for various aspects of operations: controlling, quality control, entry control, managing suppliers, logistics and production planning. At QSense, he is responsible for managing the controllers teams and implementing processes, as well as ISO certification. In his free time he fulfills his MTB passion cycling around Lower Silesia.

Our team

Qsense gives everyone an opportunity to make their own decisions

Piotr Jeleńczak

Junior Project Manager

Qsense gives the opportunity to gain professional experience.

I am still a student of Wroclaw University of Technology, but I can say I already have 2 years of professional experience. QSense has given me just that: the opportunity to get some experience whilst also studying. Manufacturing companies where I had the chance to work on behalf of QSense have enabled me to perform tasks in such area of production, lean management, flow of materials and project management. I believe that QSense is a great place for someone who is focused on development and is passionate about continuous improvement.

Jakub Firlej

Process Engineer

Qsense gives everyone an opportunity to make their own decisions.

I have been connected to the company since 2016. For the last two years I have worked as a process engineer. My tasks include: preparing control manuals, setting out guidelines and inspection methods, supervision over post-complaint activities and reporting and analysing the results of the controllers’ work. And with all of these issues I agree them with the client. QSense gives me the opportunity to make my own decisions and this is what I value most in this job – the fact that I feel I am trusted by our management and the client.

Karolina Waszczak

HR Specialist

QSense is an employer that cares for people.

For me, working at QSense mostly means working with people. People are the most important at QSense. I deal with the recruitment and training of new team members. We care that every one receives the maximum support before commencing work with a client. We employ over 200 people so there is plenty to do. For me personally, it is very encouraging to know that support is beneficial and people who come to work with us, work with passion and involvement. Additionally, you can always count on a great atmosphere and good energy at work.

Sylwester Szlaga


QSense means team work.

I have been promoted through several levels of career at QSense. I started as a controller, then I worked as a team leader and now I work as a controller at Wabco – one of our clients. As a coordinator, I am in fact a liaison between Wabco and our team. Together we take care to meet the company’s requirements the best way possible. I think that without good team work it would not be possible. Privately, I am interested in music and play in a band. Therefore, I understand how important it is to play well together and I value that fact that at QSense it is possible.

Marcin Chybalski

Planning technician

QSense means a dynamic work environment.

In the company I plan and organise quality control. I have worked here for 3 years, so since the company beginnings. I have had an opportunity to grow and develop together with the company and work out both our standards and approach to clients. I personally have learned a lot since there has been a lot of challenges and I have always believed that QSense is a company full of potential. The company is developing dynamically. No doubt that this is just the beginning of my professional career.

Maciej Froń

Team Coordinator

QSense means long term job.

I joined QSense for a short while. When applying for the job I thought it would be a temporary position but three years on, I am still here. What has kept me? The company is developing, there are new opportunities, new clients and this is extremely motivating. I have worked as a quality controller, product auditor, shift leader and coordinator. Each change was connected with greater responsibility and a better understanding of the industry’s requirements and specifics. As a result, today I am able to supervise the work of other coordinators and manage client relationships.

Adam Ratajczak

Process Engineer

Work at QSense has taught me many useful skills.

Hi, my name is Adam Ratajczak and I have worked for the company for over 2 years, most recently as a process engineer. Work at QSense has taught me many useful skills, i.e. cooperation with a client, managing human resources and also taking advantage of a product’s technical specification to provide the highest quality standards for our clients. I am interested in motorization, and especially in electric cars.

Jakub Kosicki


QSense means team work.

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Computer Science and Management. At QSense, he is responsible for the coordination of a team at one of our clients. He likes working with people and is very close to the team. He deals extremely well with solving current problems. Privately, he is a traveller and a bee keeper. Energetic and positive. He knows very well what he wants to achieve and consistently works towards it. He believes that if you want to do your job well, you have to like it.