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We set out a new approach to providing quality support in companies

We are a group of committed and experienced managers, engineers, and specialists from various industries, in quality assurance, production and lean management areas. In order to meet the requirements of the market, and in particular customers from the automotive industry, in 2015 we launched our own idea for innovative and professional provision of quality control outsourcing services. We are driven and connected by passion, responsibility and determination in solving our clients cases.​


Over 1300 controllers cooperate with us

We have successfully completed over 140 projects with 10 clients that have mainly come from the automotive branch, and also from the electrical and medical fields.




completed projects

We are available to you every day

We do our best to quickly recognise your needs, react to problems that occur, so as not to allow them to continue to develop.


Qsense in an innovative and professional way desires to meet the needs of the most demanding clients in the area of quality control, whilst at the same time becoming a first choice partner for them.


Our values are:the highest quality of work and continuous development of relationships with our clients. Clients have a real influence on our work. It is thanks to them that we are able to realise our common vision and go in the same direction.

Why us?

Maximum long-term benefits, not short-term solutions

Individual approach to each project

We tailor make our solutions by taking into consideration the benefits which the clients wants to achieve. In each casewe offer a comprehensive service; from the source analysis of a problem, the collection of data, to the mapping of issues, implementing solutions and monitoring results. Our services are performed at each level of a production process or at a chosen stage.

The highest quality of work

The basis for our work constitutes a collection of values and standards of operations worked out over the years. We approach all tasks methodically. Our conclusions are based on data which we gather in a reliable way. We always proceed according to the process. We try to describe and measure every task in order to provide the possibility of monitoring progress and efficiency. We apply the basic 5S methods and the Lean philosophy, with the results of our work always being reported in such a way so as to meet clients’ requirements.

Partnership and cooperation

When entering your company we operate as if we are a part of it. We also maintain continuous contact with a client’s employees. We strive to improve communication and tighten cooperation between teams and all departments involved. We believe that it is only in this way that we can provide long-term results from our actions.

Paweł Olszewski

Uncompromising and always striving to continually improve services and maximise benefits for our clients. He is extremely well-educated in the area of engineering and production management. He obtained his education at Polish universities (West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin) and abroad (Syddansk University in Denmark).

Pawel’s studies in Denmark, in particular, allowed him to gain some practical knowledge in the area of quality management and lean methodology, which he has applied during his career working in various production environments for several years. At that time, acting as the ordering party as well as direct and indirect recipient of quality control services, he confirmed his beliefs that the systems offered in the market do not fully meet a clients’ needs. He wanted to fill this gap and established QSense and has been developing new standards in the area of quality management for several years now.

our team

Qsense gives everyone an opportunity to make their own decisions

Kamila Olszewska

Business Development & Strategy Director

At QSense Kamila is responsible for planning and implementing strategic projects aimed at the company’s development, supporting innovation and building competitive advantage. She is a food technologist by education and an MBA graduate. Although she has devoted her entire professional career to the areas of quality, R&D, innovation and new technologies, yet working with people and supporting them in their career development is what gives her the most satisfaction at work.

Thanks to her empathy, she is able to listen to her employees’ needs and offer them support. She has something that makes teams in which she works harmonious, and employees can rely on each other.

Her favorite way to relax from work is to spend time with her family during trips to the seaside.

Jędrzej Dankowski

Chief Technology Officer

He is a technological guru and visionary. Focused on managing QSense’s development towards Industrial Revolution 4.0. He is responsible for the most demanding projects in the company’s IT and R&D areas. He ensures that QSense always stands out from the competition with its technological solutions and innovative approach to business.

He has an in-depth education in mechatronics and computer science, which he obtained at the Poznań University of Technology. He spent the first years of his career programming systems in the financial industry, then took part in onboarding projects for employees in international companies. He brought his experience and skills to QSense at the beginning of 2020.

He spends his free time expanding his technological and software horizons, beating his own records on go-cart tracks and training his 80-kilogram Great Dane.

Marcin Kunicki

Sales Manager

A graduate of the University of Wrocław. With over twelve years of experience in sales and marketing. For the last eight years, he has made sure that the most important positions in organizations located in Lower Silesia are always filled with the right people.

As of 2021, he takes care of the contact with both our current business partners and all future ones. He is responsible for managing the entire sales cycle from identification to finalisation of contracts and maintenance of subsequent customer relationships.

Privately, a fan of trekking and mountain expeditions. The best idea for a weekend? Couple days alone in the Karkonosze Mountains.

Karolina Karge

Chief Accountant

Graduate of the Oskar Lange University of Economics in Wrocław. For eighteen years practicing finance and accounting in many industries. In recent years it has been the property development sector at leading developers. Karolina, for seven years, as the chief accountant, had under her care an investment that you cannot pass by indifferently – Sky Tower.

She brought her acquired experience, meticulousness and pleasant character to QSense at the beginning of 2021.

Privately, Karolina is a fan of Yoga and home-made bread!  At weekends you can find Karolina at the Olympic Stadium cheering for Sparta Wroclaw!

Jacek Bola

Investment Project Manager

A specialist in his field, always finding a solution to any problem.

He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Wrocław University of Science and Technology, major: industrial management. He has over 10-year professional experience in industries such as automotive, electrical and welding. He has worked for both Polish and foreign companies, being responsible for various aspects of their operations: quality control and assurance, input control, suppliers management, logistics or production planning. At QSense, he is responsible for managing teams of inspectors and implementing processes, as well as ISO certification. In his spare time, as a mountain biking enthusiast, he travels around Lower Silesia by bike.

Mateusz Płatek

Operations Manager

A graduate of Wroclaw University of Technology (Management and Production Engineering) and Coventry University (Engineering and Computing). In the manufacturing world for over 10 years.  International experience gained in aerospace, automotive and medical industries helps Mateusz to assess the situation and make the right decisions. Strong team player and problem solver. Enthusiastic leader focused on building and strengthening relationships and continuous improvement. A manager who can adapt quickly to change and operate in a dynamic environment – always based on analysis of data and facts. Goal-oriented, focused on quality and lean approach. Basketball enthusiast and former professional athlete.

As he says himself: only hard work and determination can lead to success.