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Rework at production facilities

As part of the wide range of activities undertaken by QSense, rework is also carried out. This is an action that is undertaken on products that do not conform to the documentation and customer expectations, in order to restore them to a condition that conforms to the initial requirements. If, for example, a product has an incorrect thickness, it needs to be repaired so that its surface gets the specified dimensions that fit into the manufacturer’s standards.

As part of the rework, QSense has already carried out such activities as polishing glass to eliminate minor visual defects, filling in missing wire insulation, relabeling damaged finished product and component labels, etc. Note that this action is always strictly tailored to the customer’s needs. Depending on the characteristics of the manufactured products, the optimal rework method is adjusted.

Note the difference between rework and repair. While the result of rework activities is a product that will comply with the initial specification, repair carries more risk. Changes that occur during this process need customer approval, as they can change the properties of the products. The definitions and distinction of terms came through ISO standardization – in ISO 9000:2015 and later in IATF 16949: 2016.

Rework is performed according to the technical documentation of the processes by our trained personnel. It is perfect during sorting, when it turns out that some items need additional action. After all, in order for the products to leave the production facility, they must meet all quality control standards. QSense ensures the highest quality of its services, so rework tasks are a standard activity during the production process.

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