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Warehouse management, or warehouse space management

Warehousing is one of the key elements of the supply chain. However, it can be problematic for customers because of the resources required to optimally manage space and related resources. That’s why QSense offers services related to warehouse space management.


  • manages the customer’s stock, taking care of storage and warehousing of components,
  • performs initial quality control,
  • manages a fleet of forklifts,
  • handles outsourcing of internal transportation,
  • prepares custom shipments abroad.

We support logistics processes by receiving goods from suppliers, preparing them for storage, and repackaging them according to the customer’s output standards. We separate components so that they are in the appropriate storage areas. We also perform initial product quality control and report the results.

QSense supports various stages of the manufacturing supply chain. This is, for example, the typical handling of Kanban orders from receiving them from forklift operators, separating them into the appropriate areas to repacking and delivering them to production.

QSense also undertakes complex processes, offering comprehensive solutions. As a team, for example, we prepare custom shipments abroad. Taking into account the sensitive properties of the components, we choose the optimal packaging for them, so that the products are not damaged during transport, but also in a way that will provide savings for the customer (reducing the space needed for transport in planes, ships, cars).

In the case of warehouse management, we are also able to offer an optimized internal circuit for sorting packaging, so that there is no need to rely entirely on packaging suppliers. This action minimizes packaging costs, speeds up processes and prevents downtime.

Feel free to contact QSense – let’s discuss what in terms of warehouse management we can do for your company.

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