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For us, the most important thing is what our customers and partners say about us.

Nemak's references

A guarantee of the best quality assurance standards. Holistic preparation for conducting business in their field. Huge commitment and professionalism of the staff.

NEMAK | Damian Jakubiec

Professionalism and high competence. A cadre of professionals with a very high motivation to impart their knowledge. Professional preparation and attention to every detail.

BESSER POLAND | Piotr Maciejewski | Plant Quality Manager

Besser Poland's references

I recommend QSense company with full responsibility. Attention to every detail. Professionalism and high competence.

FORANKRA | Marek Czeszejko | Operations Manager

QSense has a great potential for providing a wide range of services. A very high level of competence. QSense’s services are very popular and have proven to be highly appreciated by our specialists

NSG Group | Piotr Stachurski | New Business Manager

Extensive knowledge and experience. Individual adjustment to the company’s needs. High-quality substantive advice.

SIEROSŁAWSKI GROUP | Barbara Sztyler | General Manager

Interesting solutions to current problems. Modern model of conducting trainings. Experienced trainers with great factual knowledge.

SPLAST | Sebastian Piecha | Director of Quality

The knowledge gained translated into more efficient operation of the company in the area of quality management systems. High level of factual knowledge. QSense is a company worth recommending.

STOMET | Mariusz Kopiec | President of the Board

Openness, honesty, courtesy and competence at the highest level are the qualities of the QSense team.

TENNECO | Franciszek Kozub | Quality Manager

Personal commitment from top management. The basis of contact with QSense is reliability and professionalism. High quality of services provided.

GESTAMP | Marcin Urbanowicz | Director of Quality

QSense employees willingly and proactively engage in projects that go beyond the standard scope of cooperation. Flexible response to customer needs. Solid and reliable approach.

VITRO | Konrad Ogrodnik | Quality Manager

Dedicated coordinator and the availability of the management team allow for quick reactions and actions to prevent crisis situations. QSense has completely assumed responsibility for the entrusted area. The services provided contribute to ensuring continuity of production, maintaining quality of supply and generating savings.

WABCO | Tomasz Adamczyk | Site Good Receiving & Warehaouse Team Leader

QSense took care of every detail of the quality assurance project.

AUTOLIV | Katarzyna Plesz | Quality Manager