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Assertiveness at work and in business


What is assertiveness? The scope of Qsense services, agreement with a client – what exceeds standard findings and how to get your own way.




  • Familiarising a group with the basics of management
  • Image of a perfect leader

Form of training

Assertiveness at work and in business is a closed training course dedicated to the QSense team. The form of this training involves a webinar with some interactive workshops on MS Teams. Training groups have been formed in such a way as to exchange experiences from different projects. Participants receive training materials for their own work.

In order to fully combine soft skills with the knowledge on the essence of quality in the automotive industry we encourage you to take part in open webinars in the file Hard Skills Training.

Participant’s profile

Training courses have been designed for team leaders, managers, experts and project coordinators.


When completing a training course each participant will receive a certificate confirming participation in the training course organised by QSense.


Information on dates for incoming open training courses will be published in our social media.