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Formel Q – specific
requirements for VW suppliers


Familiarity with specific requirements of the VW group and increase of awareness regarding their application in your own organisation.


90 min


  • Cooperation in the VW supply chain – requirements IATF 16949:2016 on CSR
  • Auditing client’s specific requirements Formel Q Konkret
  • Supplier’s quality capabilities Fromel Q Capability
  • Process audit / additional requirements for VDA 6.3 process audit
  • Product audit
  • Responsibility for product / product safety / Safety Officer (PSB)
  • D/TLD audit
  • Schedule for implementing a new product – VW requirements

Form of training

Training is conducted in the form of webinars by means of the Zoom platform. Some webinars will be registered in part (video) and they will be accessible on our website.

Next to open training courses we respond to clients expectations with a package of closed training courses which program is based on the given company needs (following an in-depth analysis) and directed at its employees. Some training courses will be conducted in the form of a series of webinars.

Participant’s profile

These training courses have been designed for the higher and middle level managers, quality control department workers and also for operation workers and every one who is interested in this topic.


When completing a training course each participant will receive a certificate confirming participation in the training course that introduces topics of the automotive industry organised by QSense.


THURSDAY | 21/05/2020
TIME | 10:00 a.m.

Application form

This form is not longer available – the training took place.