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Scope of work

About us

We are a group of committed and experienced managers, engineers and specialists from various industries, in quality assurance, production and lean management areas. We are a company with 100% Polish capital. In order to meet the requirements of the market, in 2015 we launched our own idea for innovative and professional provision of quality control outsourcing services. We are driven and connected by passion, responsibility and determination in solving our client’s cases.

Production support

At QSense, we follow Continuous Improvement principles to optimize material flow, reduce poor quality and production costs. Through CI programs and Lean Management, we eliminate waste and make improvements at every process stage.

Logistics support

Quality support

To maintain the highest quality of processes, we manage quality complaints and support customers withdocumentation. In quality support we use tools such as 5xWHY, Ishikawa diagram, 8D report and others. Moreover, we have proprietary systems to manage process audits, LPA (Layered Process Audit), health andsafety and 5S, which are based on the latest technologies monitored by our R&D department.

HR support



QWall is a system on which QSense bases all it’s operational activities. It ensures integrity in quality processes. It is a shield in the fight against incompatibilities.


QLearn is a virtual reality employee training system for quality control and quality awareness among individuals in our organisation and in customers’ organisations.

QSense Employee Portal

QSense Employee Portal is a platfrom where all relevant current information for Employees are included. There are posts about monthly settlements, changes within the factories, development opportunities or events from the life of the QSense community.

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Why us?

Our representation service helps our customers establish business contacts and build relationships with trading partners in Poland. This enables our clients to achieve success in the Polish market and grow their business.

We are confident that our services can help your company achieve success in Poland. With our experience and specialized knowledge, we can assist you in many different areas. We invite you to cooperate with us and join our list of satisfied customers.


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